Overview of essential facts

What? Who? When? Where? How?
  • Internship programs with the motto “Learning by doing”
  • Interns: Agriculture students (around 18-26 years old)
  • From May until November
  • Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Rhenish Hesse, Palatinate
  • Preparation: Intensive German language course in Kenya and a week-long introduction course in Baden-Württemberg
  • Specialization: fruit and vegetable growing, dairy cattle
  • Host companies: Family-run agriculture companies in southern Germany
  • A six-month long internship with host families 2 cross-company meetings, including professional excursions
  • Country partners: Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ)
  • Offers of digital continued education
  • Regional meetings for host families to exchange experiences

Country Info Kenya

Kenya: The country with two annual harvests

Population 48 million (83 inhabitants per km²)
Capital city Nairobi (approximately 3.5 million inhabitants)
Area 69,700 km² (near the size of Ukraine)
Currency Kenia-Schilling (KES) (125 KES is equivalent to 1 Euro)
GDP 163 billion USD (Nr. 1 in Southeast and Central Africa)
Official languages Swahili und English
Demographics > 40 ethnic groups with > 50 different languages
Religion 82.6 % Christian (Protestant, Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox)
Agriculture Subsistence agriculture of fruit (banana, mango, papaya), vegetables (beans, peas, cabbage), tea and tubers (potato, sweet potato, cassava)



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