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Animated video of the 'Transitional Agriculture' project

We are pleased to present a pictorial summary of the project Transitional Agriculture in the form of an animated video, available in English with English, Russian, French and Spanish subtitles: https://youtu.be/7Dnp6zC59So.

The video illustrates that the Transitional Agriculture project is more than just a meeting of various national Farmers' Organizations from Zimbabwe, Russia, Germany, Rwanda, Malawi and Ghana. Rather, it is about learning from each other, broadening perspectives and gaining the insight that common challenges in the agricultural sector can be better met if there is an intensive exchange between the actors. Moreover, the video is to serve as an inspiration for other Farmers’ Organizations on how collaboration could look like.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the national Farmers' Organisations for their constructive contributions in this year!

We are looking forward to the upcoming seminars in 2021 - where the fruitful exchange and collaboration will continue.