Delegation visits and expert seminars

Picture: AgrarKontakte International e.V.

Professional agricultural trips on the subject of agriculture and food

AKI organizes professional agricultural trips to our partner countries on subjects from the areas of agriculture and food. The target groups for these trips are AKI members and interested individuals, but also businesses and specialized institutions. Through these visits, AKI’s existing, comprehensive, international contacts shall be utilized and expanded.

Through our personal contact with private individuals and partner organizations, delegation visits can be selectively offered and adjusted to the corresponding group of specialists. The specialized programs mostly consist of a balanced variety of different tours, related to the targeted areas, and personal visits with farmers. The complete organization before the trip, as well as personal accompaniment and assistance during the trip go without saying.

Specialized programs for international delegations in Southern Germany

AKI organizes and supervises specialized seminars on various topics in the areas of agriculture, food and veterinary science for international delegations. In addition to company visits, the possibility to exchange experiences as well as expand existing contacts between skilled workers in Baden-Württemberg and abroad is given special attention.

The programs are designed and conducted individually, based on the specialized topics and specific requests of the participants, in close collaboration with skilled workers.

Interested institutions can make a request to AKI here.


Julia Fendel

Project Management