Delegation visits and expert seminars

Picture: AgrarKontakte International e.V.

Professional agricultural trips on the subject of agriculture and food

AKI organizes professional agricultural trips to our partner countries on subjects from the areas of agriculture and food. The target groups for these trips are AKI members and interested individuals, but also businesses and specialized institutions. Through these visits, AKI’s existing, comprehensive, international contacts shall be utilized and expanded.

Through our personal contact with private individuals and partner organizations, delegation visits can be selectively offered and adjusted to the corresponding group of specialists. The specialized programs mostly consist of a balanced variety of different tours, related to the targeted areas, and personal visits with farmers. The complete organization before the trip, as well as personal accompaniment and assistance during the trip go without saying.

Specialized programs for international delegations in Southern Germany

AKI organizes and supervises specialized seminars on various topics in the areas of agriculture, food and veterinary science for international delegations. In addition to company visits, the possibility to exchange experiences as well as expand existing contacts between skilled workers in Baden-Württemberg and abroad is given special attention.

The programs are designed and conducted individually, based on the specialized topics and specific requests of the participants, in close collaboration with skilled workers.

Interested institutions can make a request to AKI here.

AKI´s Delegation trips and professional travel reference list.

AKI has been working for the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit” (GIZ) GmbH since 2019 as an external service provider for specialized delegation trips, on-site, and as virtual tours. The purpose of the delegation visits is to promote direct exchange between GIZ’s project partners in Germany and the EU, in some cases also between third countries, as a key instrument of German development cooperation. The participants are usually high-ranking representatives of the partner countries who meet with equal-ranking contact persons in the host country.

When organizing GIZ delegation trips, depending on the requirements, AKI takes the following tasks:

  • Budget planning
  • Organization of logistics
  • Search for suitable institutions and interlocutors
  • Consultation of the partners in the conceptual design of the program
  • Briefing and handling of the provision of the interpreters, travel companions, speakers, and moderators
  • Follow-up and documentation
  • For virtual delegation trips
    • Selection/ composition of GIZ-compliant program formats/ tools such as web sessions, interviews, videos, live stream tours, podcasts, etc.
    • Planning, implementing, and executing of meetings via GIZ´s own "International Delegation Platform (IDP)"
    • Technical support and accompaniment as host assistance during the event

Delegation trip to India 2020 led by the then State Secretary Mrs. Friedlinde Gurr-Hirsch, 2020 of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Food, Rural Affairs, and Consumer Protection.

In February 2020, AKI´s Project Manager Julia Fendel travelled to India together with Baden-Württemberg International (bw-i) and supervised the delegation trip on the agricultural and food industry, headed by State Secretary Friedlinde Gurr-Hirsch.

The participants travelled through India to learn about the market opportunities of the agricultural and food industry in India through political exchanges and round-table discussions with local experts, as well as field trips.

By visiting the "Green Innovation Centers" of the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit" (GIZ) GmbH, the German House of Science and Innovation (DWIH) and field trips, the participants were able to get a feel for the Indian market and to see the potential of different agricultural products from Germany (including agricultural technology and wine) for the Indian market. At the end of this great journey, the 16th Wine Festival took place in Mumbai, which was an excellent platform to make business contacts.

2019 Delegation trip Estonia

On behalf of the Ministry of Food, Rural Areas, and Consumer Protection of Baden-Württemberg (MLR), AKI organized a delegation trip to Estonia under the leadership of Minister Peter Hauk MdL

During this three-day visit, the discussions with the Minister of Food, Rural Areas, and Consumer Protection of Baden-Württemberg, Peter Hauk, and the Deputy Minister of the Environment of Estonia, Mr. Tarmo Tamm, focused especially on digitalization, both in agriculture itself and in the digitalization in rural areas.

2018 Delegation trip to Russia, Minister Peter Hauk MdL visits Russia.

Organized and accompanied by AKI, the Minister for Food, Rural Areas, and Consumer Protection of Baden-Württemberg, Peter Hauk MdL, visited the regions of Moscow and Voronezh in Russia at the end of May 2018. In addition to subject-related excursions, the program also included numerous discussions with representatives of the German economy in Russia as well as Russian industry associations and companies.

Between 2011 and 2017, AKI carried out the joint project between the German Farmers’ Association (DBV) and the Vietnamese National Farmers’ Union (VNFU) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). The aim was to improve the professional and organisational work of the VNFU in the field of vocational qualification for its members, with a focus on full-time and young farmers.

Within the framework of this long-standing cooperation, a wide range of measures were carried out in Vietnam and Germany, as well as specialist trips on agricultural topics. Linked to this growing partnership, a trip on aquaculture was conducted in 2018.

The delegation trip, focusing on aquaculture in Vietnam, was led, among others, by representatives of the VNFU and the AKI, Mr. Leu Vu Dieu and Dr. Martin Johannes Oberle, respectively. As part of this expert trip, field trips to fish farms and numerous discussions with the representative of the National Aquaculture Association took place. This not only provides an insight into the state of development of fish farming, but also encourages the development of business contacts.

  • Topic: Animal husbandry, fish farming; Country: Vietnam; Year: 2015
  • Topic: Dairies and dairy farming; Country: Russia; Year: 2013
  • Topic: Agricultural specialist program with farm visits; Country, Region: Russia, Moscow, and Kaluga; Year: 2012
  • Topic: Visit on an agro-firm of the German agricultural entrepreneur Stefan Dürr, Europe’s largest John Deere trader, visit to private agriculture farms in Russia; Country: Russia; Year: 2010
  • Topic: Dairy; Country: Russia in the framework of the bilateral cooperation project DBV-AKKOR; Year: 2010
  • Topic: Cultural program and farm visits; Country, Region: Russia, St. Petersburg; Year: 2010
  • Topic: Today’s agriculture in Russia – technical exhibitions, farm visits; Country, Region: Russia, Moscow; Year: 2009
  • Topic: Tour of the „Rassvet AG“: Grain production, grain seed production, grain processing plant, sugar beet cultivation, visit to the KWS breeding station; Country: Russia; Year: 2008
  • Topic: Discussions with individuals from the main agricultural sector, agricultural cooperative, MOKU-MOKU farm cereals, fruit, cattle, and pig farming; Country: Japan; Year: 2007
  • Topic: Winery and orcharding, family business, public limited company; Country Region: Russia, Moscow, and Rostov am Don; Year: 2006
  • Topic: Animal husbandry, arable farming; Country: Russia; Year: 1999

  • Topic: Genossenschaftsverband e.V. (BWGV), University of Hohenheim, Reichenau Vegetables; Delegates: Minister of Food Industry, Government of India; Year: 2018
  • Topic: Agriculture, forestry, dairy industry, Southern Black Forest in Germany; Delegates: Agricultural Administration from Norway, Forestry, Agriculture, and Food; Year: 2017
  • Topic: IHK Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg federation cooperatives; Delegates: Representatives of SMEs from Vietnam; Year: 2016
  • Topic: Farewell of interns; Delegates: Representatives of agricultural colleges from Russia; Year: 2015
  • Topic: Fruit and vegetable production; Delegates: Minister of Food of India; Year: 2015
  • Topic: Cattle breeding, dairy, and fodder production; Delegates: Delegation from Algeria – Sustainable local economic development; Year: 2014
  • Topic: John Deere, dairy farms, Landtag Stuttgart; Delegates: from China; Year: 2013
  • Topic: Development, structure, and function of the machinery rings in Germany, visits to dairy farms, fodder production farms, and arable farms, specialist program of the delegation trip for representatives of the Kazakh Farmers’s Association in the context of the BMELV cooperation project “German-Kazakh Agricultural Policy Dialogue”; Delegates: Agriculture actors from Kazakhstan; Year: 2010