AKI-Mission and Vision Redesign Workshop

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As part of the process of developing and designing the upcoming AKI sponsoring concept, the AKI-mission and -vision were redefined. Especially for the young team, with its three new colleagues Assel Tokperdinova, Anastasiia Fomina and Teklezghi Teklebrhan (click here for the article of the new employees), who have been with AKI since spring 2021, the AKI-mission and -vision should be revised once again together.

In addition to the entire AKI team, the chairman Mr. Hans-Benno Wichert as well as the Vice Chairman Mr. Siegfried Schwab participated in the two workshops, enriching the discussion and design with their many years of experience at AKI. In addition, the AKI team was supported by AKI board member Mr. Wilfried Müller in the preparation of the workshops for the elaboration of the AKI mission and vision. As the managing director of the RAUCH company, he provided important information from the point of view of the agricultural industry. The following two workshops were moderated and accompanied by Dr. Maria Gerster-Bentaya. She already support AKI's Transitional Agriculture project, since its beginning in 2020 and has also moderated this year's intercultural seminars of the Kenyan interns and their host families.

At the first workshop, on March 30, 2021, the previous AKI-mission and -vision were analyzed. The team agreed that this should be more closely aligned with AKI's activities. As a first step, the keywords on AKI that had been developed in advance were discussed and prioritized. Based on this, various formulation proposals for the mission and vision emerged in group work. At the second workshop on May 05, 2021, the new AKI-mission and -vision were then worked out together on the basis of the proposals.

We are pleased to present these to you as follows:


AKI Mission:

AgrarKontakte International (AKI) e.V. - Your dynamic and competent partner from Baden-Württemberg.

We sustainably develop and interlink rural areas through knowledge and technology transfer in the agriculture and food sector worldwide.

AKI Vision:

We promote on an international level sustainable livelihoods in rural areas by developing competencies along the value chains in the agriculture and food sector.

Together we create a livable and lovable homeland.


The AKI mission and vision, also translated into other languages, will be used for public relations in the future.

However, the aim of the workshops was also to jointly develop and shape the AKI-mission and -vision so that all employees identify themselves with the AKI message and thus successfully communicate it to the public. 

AgrarKontakte International (AKI) e.V.
AKI-Mission and Vision online Redesign Workshop (f.l. first row: Dr. Maria Gerster-Bentaya, Lisbeth Steyer, Teklezghi Teklebrhan, f.l. second row: Hans-Benno Wichert, Falk Kullen, Markus Roßkopf f.l. third row: Anastasiia Fomina, Siegfried Schwab, Assel Tokperdinova, Julia Fendel)