First Excursion of Second Cohort of Kenyan trainees

The first excursion of the Kenyan trainees who carry out their traineeship in different regions ofSouthern Germany was conducted from 12th to 14th of July 2022. All trainees travelled to the meeting point Ulm by public transport.

Day 1: Danube Stadium

Most of the Kenyan trainees are soccer fans and visiting the Donube Stadium was on the top of the agenda. Here, the trainees met the team of the SSV Ulm and had the chance to talk and take photos with the players. After the photo session, many played soccer and volleyball.

Day 2: Visit to the Cattle Insemination Cooperative Memmingen eG

On the next day, the group headed to Memmingen to visit the Cattle Insemination Cooperative Memmingen eG. Dr. Manuela Günther, the station veterinarian, welcomed the trainees to the Cattle Insemination Center and later introduced them to the background information of the center, the history of insemination and techniques of insemination. After a question-and-answer session, Dr. Günther showed the different types of bulls. The Cattle Insemination Cooperative Memmingen eG itself has also reported about the visit on their homepage: Here is the link to the report:


Afterwards, the trainees headed back to Blue Park in Ulm for a short picknick and later on, visited the Ulm Cathedral. 

Day 3: Tour to the Bavarian Dairy Centre and Cattle Husbandry and Mountain Farming Education and Experiment Center

On the third day, the trainees headed to Kempten and visited the Bavarian Dairy Center, where they were welcomed by the general Manager Mr. Clemens Rück and the private consultant Mr. Georg Herbertz. Mr. Herbertz introduced the center with its institutions, and he highlighted the relevance of milk production in the context of population growth in Kenya.

At the Cattle Husbandry and Mountain Farming Education and Experiment Centre, Ms. Magdalena Zentler presented the topics of cattle farming, calf husbandry, feed mixture and feeding, grassland trials and milk production. The trainees were also taken through the different milking parlors.

Teklezghi Teklebrhan and Anastasiia Fomina accompanied the trainees during the first excursion and drew a positive balance at the end.



Teklezghi Teklebrhan

Project Management