Georgia: The land of churches and wines

Picture: AgrarKontakte International e.V.

In 2020, for the first time, viticulture students from Georgia will take part in our agricultural internship program in Germany.

Between 10 and 15 February, AKI Project Manager Markus Roßkopf visited the tranquil country in the Caucasus region between the economic powerhouses Russia and Turkey, surrounded by the Black and Caspian Sea. The country is famous for more than 500 autochthonous grape varieties and is considered as the country of origin of wine with an 8000-year-old winegrowing tradition.

In addition to meetings at the Ministry of Education and the International Education Centre, which is responsible for the exchange of Georgian and international students, Markus Roßkopf visited agricultural educational institutions in the capital Tbilisi and in the East Georgian region of Kakheti.

Georgia impressed with its scenic diversity as well as its hospitability. AKI Project Manager Markus Roßkopf got surprised by very good German language skills by some of the students, great expertise in viticulture and other fields of agriculture as well as a high motivation to learn new methods and approaches.

The local partner for the internship program is the UNDP-funded project "International Distance Learning in Georgia", which is led by Director Nikoloz Meskhishvili and promotes the internationalization and dualization of vocational training (theory and practice) in Georgia.

In the 30th year of organizing internship programs for young farmers, AKI has two more countries on bord with Georgia and Kenya.

Together with our host families we look forward to organizing the international vocational exchange in 2020!

AgrarKontakte International e.V.
Modernity meets tradition: Wine production in subterranean clay pots
AgrarKontakte International e.V.
The old town of Tbilisi at night
AgrarKontakte International e.V.
Country of diversity: View on the Caucasus
AgrarKontakte International e.V.
Interested students listen attentively