2-day workshop on the AKI internship programs

Picture: AgrarKontakte International e.V.

The corona pandemic has delayed our internship programs by several weeks this year and the entry restrictions for interns from countries outside of Europe are still in place to this date for most countries. AKI took the chance to organise a 2-day workshop for all colleagues to discuss further expansion and optimisation of the internship programs. The aim of the workshop was to redesign AKI's exchange programs, to discuss new ways and to take up the wishes and ideas of the host families and country partners.

On both days, a variance comparison of the internship programs was intensively analysed and examined. New ideas and approaches were discussed and debated. In order to identify AKI's strengths and possible challenges, a SWOT analysis was carried out. The analysis also helped to detect AKI's opportunities and risks. Subsequently, the new ideas were checked for feasibility and implementation as well as for potential of improvement. Feasible ideas that have been worked out are to be successively implemented in the coming weeks and months.

Despite the current challenges, we had a successful 2-day session and its results show that there is no standstill at AKI - we are always looking for new ways forward.