Media Festival of the Transitional Agriculture Project

Picture: AgrarKontakte International (AKI) e.V.

The six national farmer organizations from Rwanda, Ghana, Malawi, Germany, Zimbabwe and Russia had the opportunity to create an attractive media output of their choice within the framework of the Transitional Agriculture project and to present it to the other participating farmer organizations as well as other project partners at the digital media festival on September 8, 2021.

The media output should motivate young farmers to get involved in agriculture or to continue working in this sector. In addition, the farmer organizations should present how they, as an organization, can support young farmers with upcoming challenges. In the last two seminars, the "soft factors" and "hard factors" on this topic have already been discussed.

The organizations were not left alone in this extensive process. The media expert Leo Zander, who already created the animation video within the Transitional Agriculture project, accompanied the organizations in the selection of a suitable medium, the concept creation and the implementation and design of the output.

After the first consultations with Leo Zander, all six farmer organizations decided to create an animation video or a video interview with different local protagonists.

We are pleased to present you these videos of the farmer organizations below.

At the media festival, the farmers' organizations had the opportunity to vote for each other according to certain criteria. The farmers' organizations were very close to each other in the voting. The participants were awarded with the following prizes, coupled to the implementation of local workshops that will assist them in further organizational development:

  1. place with each 600 €: Zimbabwe (ZFU) & Russia (AKKOR)
  2. place with each 400 €: Malawi (NASFAM) & Germany (DBV)
  3. place with each 200 €: Rwanda (INGABO) & Ghana (COFAG)

In addition to the produced media output to reach young farmers and the prizes, the participants gained experience after this collaborative project in creating communication material but were also strengthened as a team.

Quote from a participant Beatrice Makwenda from Malawi: " This has been a learning process for NASFAM (Farmers' Organization from Malawi) and our communication team has gained new insights and is already implementing them in the development of another animation video."

We are looking forward to the next digital seminars of the Transitional Agriculture project on September 22, October 05, and October 20, 2021 on climate resilient agriculture.


Note: Please note that there is an option to show English subtitles on YouTube under settings at the bottom of the screen.


NASFAM, Malawi (language: English, subtitles: English)


INGABO, Rwanda (language: English, subtitles: English)


ZFU, Zimbabwe (language: English, subtitles: English)


DBV, Germany (language: German, subtitles: English)


AKKOR, Russia (language: Russian, subtitles: English)


COFAG, Ghana (language: English, subtitles: English)