Excursions in the Mannheim Region: Exploring Mannheim's Industrial and Cultural Sides

Picture: AgrarKontakte International (AKI) e.V.

From August 21st to 25th, 2023, all the agricultural trainees participating in this year's AKI traineeship Programs took part in an enlightening excursion in the Mannheim region. Organized by AgrarKontakte International (AKI) e.V., the trip provided insights into significant companies in the region and the cultural facets of Mannheim and its surroundings.

The excursion began on August 21st for 35 trainees from Kenya with a visit to the Federal Garden Exhibition (BUGA), where participants admired the splendor of gardens and flower displays.

On the second day, the itinerary included a visit to the BASF Agricultural Center in Limburgerhof. After a presentation about BASF as a company, there was a fascinating tour of the greenhouses. Here, the groups had the opportunity to learn more about the world of fungicides and herbicides. The behind-the-scenes look at this research facility offered participants a new perspective on the importance of science and technology in modern agriculture. After this visit, the city center of Mannheim invited the group for a leisurely stroll before visiting Mannheim Palace. The captivating tour recounted the history of the palace and its architecture. The day concluded with a workshop for reflecting on the BASF tour. The trainees, divided into two groups, were given engaging tasks that allowed them to reflect on their interaction with the visited company and deepen their insights.

The last day of the excursion for the Kenyan trainees took the group to the John Deere Forum. There, participants embarked on a fascinating journey through the John Deere factory and museum. The opportunity to witness production processes up close and dive into the impressive history and innovation of the company marked an unforgettable conclusion to this excursion.

The last day of the excursion for the Kenyan trainees was also the first day of the excursion for 36 trainees from Ukraine and 8 trainees from Azerbaijan. Accompanied by AKI team members, they traveled to Schwetzingen. A tour of the Baroque palace in Schwetzingen offered international agricultural trainees a unique opportunity to not only learn about agricultural practices but also explore the cultural and historical side of Germany. Additionally, the trainees could admire the extensive and magnificent gardens of the palace, a masterpiece of landscape architecture.

The second day of the excursion was packed with a specialized program, during which the trainees, like the first group, visited the John Deere Forum and the BASF Agricultural Center in Limburgerhof. The trainees had the chance to learn about advanced technologies and features of the most modern agricultural machinery and chemical solutions, expanding their knowledge.

On the concluding day of the excursion, the Ukrainian and Azerbaijani students visited the Museum of World Cultures to explore the exhibition "Lost History" before returning to the farms. The diverse exhibition allowed the trainees to gain insights into the evolution of humans, their tools, and traditions through extraordinary artifacts from the Stone Age to the Metal Age.

The diverse combination of company visits, city exploration, and cultural experiences made the excursions in the Mannheim region unforgettable and educational for all participants.


Anastasiia Fomina

Project Management

Olga Rybakova

Project Management