Training on sustainable agriculture at the Agri-Social Education and Training Centre in Gitega, Burundi

At the Agri-Social Education and Training Centre in Gitega, a two-week training (21.11.- 03.12.2022) in the project area took place on sustainable agriculture specifically permaculture with Aaron Kalala and Mbongo Tumaini Shem from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  

 A total of 17 participants took part in the training which included the following topics among others:

  • The concept and history of permaculture
  • The principles and ethics in permaculture zones
  • Living soil, compost, and fertilization
  • Urban agriculture and hydroponics
  • Adaptation to local climate: Protection against erosion and wind breakage
  • Seeds, nursery, and plantation
  • Pest control and management
  • Farm animal feeding
  • Aquaculture

The project coordinator on the site, Mr. Pierre Maniragarura, reports about the training:

”The topics were very interesting because the participants learned how important it is to adapt their production systems to the local climate and to identify the types of plants and seeds that are suitable for the specific area”.

Understanding the benefits of such trainings, AKI and the Project-Team on site will arrange more trainings to disseminate the knowledge about sustainable agriculture.


Teklezghi Teklebrhan

Project Management

Julia Fendel

Project Management