Burundi Project: Training on financial aspects

Picture: AgrarKontakte International (AKI) e.V.

AKI's project managers met Eva Pressl, Deputy Country Director, and Irene Inayange, Country Director of German Sparkassenstiftung East Africa in Bujumbura, Burundi, during their on-site visit in July 2022 to discuss potential cooperation. The German Sparkassenstiftung East Africa in Burundi agreed to train the staff of the “Extension of an Agri-Social Education and Training Centre" in Gitega in financial basics such as income and expenditure, savings and loans.

Therefore, from August 30 to September 1, 2022, the three-day financial literacy training was held in the Burundian provincial capital of Gitega in French with two trainers from the German Sparkassenstiftung East Africa. A total of 12 project participants took part in the training. The training was divided as follows:

  1. Savings techniques and strategies to create a savings plan
  2. Budgeting of expenses and income in order to plan ahead and invest savings
  3. Lending and knowledge of financial services

According to the participants' feedback, the training was very helpful and they find that the contents can be well implemented in practice. However, in the future they would like to have another financing course based on it in order to be able to deepen their knowledge with the aim of being able to successfully manage the project "Extension of an agro-social education and training center" on their own.

Based on this, another training course on the topic of "Farmers Business Game" of the German Sparkassenstiftung East Africa is to follow, whereby the project participants can learn more about the financing of an agricultural business.


Teklezghi Teklebrhan

Project Management

Julia Fendel

Project Management