Ceremonial farewell of the second cohort of Kenyan trainees

Picture: AgrarKontakte International (AKI) e. V.

At the beginning of November, AgrarKontakte International (AKI) e.V. organized a Ceremonial farewell for the second cohort of 39 Kenyan trainees from Bukura Agricultural College (BAC). The 39 trainees successfully completed their 6-month traineeship at agricultural farms in southern Germany.

AKI Vice Chairman Siegfried Schwab, AKI Managing Director Falk Kullen, AKI office Administrator Lisbeth Steyer and the project coordinators Teklezghi Teklebrhan and Anastasiia Fomina welcomed the trainees, the host families and other honorable guests at DEULA in Kirchheim unter Teck. Ms. Bärbel Sagi, who coordinates the traineeship program from the side of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and Mr. Paul Kuria Njogu, Director of the Bukura Agricultural College (BAC) were honorable guests at the ceremonial farewell.

Mr. Siegfried Schwab, Mr. Falk Kullen, Ms. Bärbel Sagi and Mr. Paul Kuria Njogu thanked the trainees and host families for participating in the program and acknowledged the successful collaboration among all involved parties. Thereafter, representatives of the trainees Agneta Chepowon and Joshua Olwanda and representatives of the host farms Mrs. Gorzelany Uschi from the farm Biohof Gorzelany and Mr. Dr. Markus Ehrmann from the farm Löwenhof GbR gave a short review of the 6-month traineeship. They all appreciated the successful cooperation and underlined the benefit of the traineeship program for the young trainees from Kenia.

All 39 trainees successfully completed their traineeship and were awarded with certificates. AKI rewarded the six best trainees for their high practical performance and the best written reports. After taking a group photo the participants had a joint lunch at DEULA. The trainees returned home one day after the graduation ceremony from Frankfurt airport.

AKI is already actively preparing to bring the third cohort in May 2023, also for 6-month traineeship.

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has been funding the traineeship program since 2019 as part of the global project "Green Innovation Centres in the Agri-Food Sector" with the aim of increasing smallholder incomes, employment and regional food supply in the rural target regions of Africa through innovations in the agri-food sector.

Comments of the trainees on their experiences during traineeship in Germany:

Jacob Dickens:“I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to complete my traineeship at Southern Germany. I have learned so much and appreciate the time I spent with the host family teaching me new skills and useful industry programs. I feel I am ready for the next steps that will bring me closer to my goals, thanks to your guidance AKI.”

Richard Otieno See:“I take the opportunity gladly to thank AKI for organizing such a tremendous learning platform, I have not only improved my agricultural skills but also my leadership and social knowledge. Indeed, it was a remarkable venture that will forever paint my future. Thanks to the funding agencies like GIZ and even the host famers for their exemplary welcoming.”

Rosemary Ayuma: “Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to work at the host farm you posted me in. After completing my traineeship, I have learned so much that will help me in my career. It has taught me about time management skills, work ethics, new technology and many ideas that will take me time in listing. Thank you, AKI, again for your time and mentorship.”



Teklezghi Teklebrhan

Project Management

Anastasiia Fomina

Project Management